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Hello Traveller,

We're Mette & Martin

A forty-something couple from Denmark. We met each other at a summer party in Copenhagen, got engaged on a bicycle ride around the small Swedish island of Hven, and secretly married in a wooden chapel in Las Vegas. Since then, we have spent all our savings on travelling and visiting over 40 countries.

In September 2022, we embarked on our greatest adventure yet. We quit our jobs. Sold our home. Believed in our dream. To turn our love for travel into a full-time lifestyle while working from all over the world. Simple living. Slow travelling.

However, our life as travellers began years ago. In an age when the world was without Instagram, we set off to experience Asia with Lonely Planet in our backpacks. At that time, we launched the Danish travel blog 'Mette & Martin Rejser', which was intended as an online postcard for those at home. Over time, more people read along, and in 2017 it was voted Denmark's best travel blog.

Today we have relaunched our blog with the name 'MM on the go', so it can be read in both Danish and English. Here we share travel stories, pictures, and guides. We write on the go. From the beach hut, city café or jungle lodge - wherever we roam. Constantly curious about the uniqueness of each place.

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Behind the words


Mette has always had a desire to explore foreign countries. Whether this is because a large part of her family already lives and has roots around the world is not known. But the desire to travel is at least as big a part of Mette as her penchant for eating cream buns, showering animals with love, and reading books.

So maybe it wasn't entirely a coincidence that she got a job in publishing. For almost two decades she has worked with PR, events and social media for some of Denmark’s largest publishing houses, most recently as Head of Press at Gutkind.

Behind the camera


If there is a catalog of different travel types, Martin has ticked most of them. His first memories derive from iconic charter holidays with his family, and his greatest relate to the freedom of exploring exotic landscapes and local cuisines – with a camera in his hand.

His lifelong career as an independent director and photographer began on the opposite side of the camera. As a boy, he was streetcastet for a Finnish TV commercial, but found himself constantly standing on the 'wrong' side of the camera. Since then, he has directed films of all sizes, budgets and genres while nourishing his passion for photography.

Martin MM on the go

Why travel along?

Firsthand guides and travel tales

We created this website for travellers seeking inspiration – whether going on a weekend trip, summer holiday, or months of travelling. Here we share our favorite places and personal stories with vivid impressions of our experiences to invite you along on our journey.

We travel slowly and stay in each place for longer than one normally does on holidays. This gives us the advantage of getting to know a place better, finding local gems - and falling into all sorts of traps. By sharing our tales and tips, and missteps on the way, we hope to help you making the most of your own adventure.

So, what can you expect to find when you browse 'MM on the go'? Well, our site is brand new and therefore not adequate yet. We started constructing in September 2022, while packing our lives into a backpack.

The plan? To travel the world indefinity. This means that you are joining our journey while it is taking place. As we curiously, sometimes fumblingly, but always honestly, explore life as travellers.

Having that said, neither travel nor blogging is new to us. Here you also will find older content from our previous blog. That is why we always write the date on all posts. Some travel tips can last for years, while others may need updating. If you come across errors and oversights, we greatly appreciate it if you send us a hint.

Our desire is to create an independent travel site, and we take pride in the fact that you can trust what we write and recommend. Unless otherwise stated, all content is always ours. We do not bring ads or spam you with irrelevant content.

Sometimes we partner up with our favourite travel providers and share links to products and services we think are the best. If you choose to purchase through our links, we may make a small fee at no extra cost to you. By using these links you are helping us to keep our blog going, maintain our editorial freedom and share content for free.

Thank you so much for reading along and supporting what we do. It means a lot to us. We hope that you find lots of inspiration for your next trip and that you wish to share your experiences with us.

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Where do you want to go?

First things first! Deciding where to go is one of the most exciting aspects to travel. On the DESTINATION page you will find a list of the countries we’ve visited and written about so far.

Are you looking for inspiration? Then the TYPE OF TRIP page is for you. Here we gather posts on different experiences – island hopping, mountain trekking, safari, city breaks, road trips and more.

If you are curious about our personal travel stories, we share writings on ups and downs of travelling on the TRAVEL BLOG. Looking for recommendations on what to do and where to be, check our TRAVEL GUIDE page.

Ready to go? Before booking any travel it’s important to check formal things you need to know before packing your bags. Therefore, we made a PLAN YOUR TRIP page with a checklist supported with links to our favourite travel providers.


Reach out to say hi

Do you have questions about a place we've visited, or wish to share your experience? Please write in the comment box at the bottom of relevant blog posts. This way more travellers can read along and share their perspective.

Don't find the travel tips your are searching for, or are you curious to know more about our long-term travel? Feel free to CONTACT US with your wish and we'll do our best to create or update a post based on your request.

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