Guide: What to know before getting married in Las Vegas

We all know the stories from both movies and glossy magazines. The stories of how two lovers run away to Las Vegas to say “I do” to each other. But part of the story is often left out. The story of the papers you must have in order prior to the chime of wedding bells. Here you can read how we prepared the formal part of our wedding in Las Vegas.

Written by Mette / Photo by Martin
The article has been published in Wedding Magazine, 2014
Translated from Danish

At the wedding factory Las Vegas, countless of couples have promised each other to be true in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. Some wobbled down the aisle after a bit too festive evening that ended in a hotel bed with a bad case of hangover and a wedding ring on their finger. 

Others have allowed themselves to be ‘welded’ together by Elvis, Michael Jackson, Jack Sparrow or Marilyn Monroe. And then there are those who have allowed themselves to take the sacred vows in a helicopter while flying over the Grand Canyon or in a gondola sailing on the beautiful canals of Venice.

Aye, nothing is impossible in the city of lights.

Instead, what may seem impossible is to find out which documents you need to have in place before the wedding. For it is not easy to navigate between all the hoax stories and what is required legally? Can you walk in from the street or do you have to book in advance? Will the marriage be valid in Denmark or do you have to get married again on Danish soil? We therefore used a lot of time on research, to make sure that everything was in order on our big day.


– We found the chapel The Little Church of the West online and found it perfect, as it also was close to our hotel. We then booked the wedding via email. The ceremony cost was 199$ (2013) and included a wedding photographer + 3 images printed, sent by mail.

– Four weeks prior to departure we ordered a wedding license via the Clark County Courthouse website (Las Vegas Wedding Bureau). You must personally pick up the license on the Office of Marriage in Las Vegas before the actual wedding ceremony. Since there are many who get married in Las Vegas, you may risk a very long queue if you have not ordered the license in advance. Licenses cost 60$ (2013).

– Four weeks prior to departure we also completed a marriage certificate at the Marriage Office of the Municipality of Copenhagen, which confirmed that we fulfilled the conditions for marriage. This certificate is valid for 4 months and must be handed to the Las Vegas Wedding Office when you need to pick up the license.

– Before the wedding ceremony at The Little Church of the West, we handed the license to the office of the chapel and subsequently it became a wedding certificate, which confirmed that we were legally married in the state of Nevada, as well as a personal souvenir certificate.

– When we came back to Denmark, we delivered the wedding certificate to the National Registry of Copenhagen and were declared husband and wife in accordance with Danish law. Remember that the wedding must be registered no later than two months after the ceremony.

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